You shouldn’t buy the new My vi for these

The new generation Myvi is finally here! This car broke the record of Bezza as soon as it was launched, no wonder it is called the god car of Malaysia!

It is undeniable that the new Myvi’s design is indeed very attractive, and many people are thinking about when to take the new Myvi home. However, if you are a young person who has just entered the society, is the Myvi 2018 really worth buying?

Earlier, a real estate expert Harith Faisal made the following observations:

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[If you only earn RM2000 a month, you shouldn’t buy a Myvi! ]

1. If your salary is only RM 2000, then you don’t need to consider buying Myvi 2018. Wait for a while, or just buy a motorcycle. (It’s a normal motorcycle, not a heavy motorcycle that’s too expensive! A cool heavy motorcycle will still make you soaked when it rains)

2. Roughly speaking, the price of a car we can afford should be roughly equal to our annual salary. Therefore, RM 2000 X 12 = RM 24000. Friends with a salary of about RM2000 can consider buying a car of this price, or wait for a salary increase.

3. If your salary is only RM2,000, even if you can barely afford to buy a Myvi 2018, it will be difficult for you to save another 30% (RM2,000 x 30% = RM600) from your salary as a deposit for buying a house. Even if you are asked to save 10% of your salary, it may not be possible.

4. Car loan RM500, gas RM200, toll RM200, repairs RM100, rent RM300, parking RM200, food RM300, parents’ expenses RM200. Without savings, I can’t even afford basic insurance.

 Everyone has different priorities

but many people don’t realize that you should buy a house before a car. But if you have a high salary, that’s fine.


6. If you are married and already own a car, and you and your spouse take basically the same route to work, then there is no need to buy a Myvi 2018. It is more romantic and happier for a couple to go to work together, isn’t it?

7. People around you always urge you to Malaysia Mobile Number List change your car or buy a second car? Don’t listen to them, because only you know your financial situation. If they want to help pay for the car, that’s fine.

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Saving the down payment for

a house is more advantageous than buying a Myvi 2018, unless you are willing to rent a house for a long time.

9. There is no point in saying more, let’s calculate Afghanistan Phone Number List how much basic salary is needed to buy Myvi 2018. RM44,300 / 12 = RM3,691. Uh, your minimum salary must be RM3691 every month.

10. Before deciding to buy a Myvi 2018, please consider the difference between [ability], [need], and [want]. If you are sure that it is within your ability, just go to the Perodua showroom and get the latest Myvi!

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