You can redeem a free KFC fried

Yes, now you can enjoy this birthday benefit by registering as a member through the KFC official website ( click here ) or mobile application!

The registration process is free, please remember to fill in your correct personal information, especially your birthday!

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When it comes to your birthday month, about a week before your official birthday, KFC will send you an email titled Unwrap Your Birthday Gift. Open the email and you will find a set of Promo Codes inside.

All you have to do next is enter this Promo Code on the KFC South Africa Phone Number List official website or mobile app, and you can get a set meal of two pieces of fried chicken!

Just like that, you can enjoy a free fried chicken meal! Share it quickly to let more people know!

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Not Wearing Sunscreen: Sunburn & Skin Cancer

Sun protection is not only for whitening, but more importantly. It is Argentina Phone Number List to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging DNA. The UVA in ultraviolet rays can penetrate into the human dermis, causing the skin to darken and age, resulting in sun spots and wrinkles, and in more serious cases, even leading to skin cancer.

To prevent skin aging, it is very important to replenish sunscreen from time to time.

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