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The same goes for prescription drugs. It’s hard to say which drugs are consider more dangerous. But where friction comes into play is that if something is difficult for us to handle, it will seem more difficult. Roger Dooley had another research project that found people were less likely to follow important mical instructions. Now imagine mical instructions that were important to their health and possibly even their lives if those instructions were in a font that was difficult to read. It’s not that they are too difficult to read.

It’s just that when things 



difficult for our brains to process, even if they Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List are a little harder, they seem a little more difficult. At the University of Minnesota, they conduct a great experiment where they ask people how long it took them to perform a simple exercise.  so it’s like they have this pixel on ten thousand websites and you would visit a phishing website and Google would determine that Johns ntent.









Just gave them two short sentences


Text for both groups is identical. One group Benin Phone Number List saw it as a simple font and therefore a very easy to read font. The second group saw the exact same instructions, but in a slightly harder-to-read font. This is exactly how data is populat. I think it’s very questionable, it’s not well disclos, and it does violate a lot of regulatory practices. Google doesn’t even necessarily disclose this to people in certain Pixels.


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