The bosss favorite is never the employee

After working for many years, you have never been appreciated by your superiors, and you have never been promoted or given a raise. Have you ever thought about where the problem lies? Is it because you are not capable enough or do not know how to seize opportunities? The American retail king J.C. Penney once said that no matter how much salary he offers, he can never find a person with two abilities: one who can think and one who can do the right thing. Brian Tracy, a world-renowned success expert, also believes that the most important thing at work is effectiveness rather than efficiency, and doing the right thing rather than doing things right .

Therefore, we should not only pay attention to the method, but also the direction. Only when the method and direction are correct can we ensure a good result. If we only focus on the method and ignore the direction, the result may be that the more correct the method is, the more wrong the result will be. This also explains why in the workplace, those employees who can “do the right thing” are far more favored by the boss than those who only know how to “do things correctly”.

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A person who can do the right thing is a person who has a focus and direction in doing things. So, how can we make ourselves do the right thing?

Corporate interests first

In the company, we should put the Norway Phone Number List interests of the enterprise first, link the company’s development goals with the purpose of our own work, and think about problems from a global perspective. This can avoid duplication of work and reduce the chance of errors.

At work, we have to deal with issues such as: What changes must I make to my current job? Can you suggest to my boss where to start? What should I pay attention to in order to avoid affecting the achievement of my goals? What tools and resources are available?

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Finding the right thing

The process of work is the process of Argentina Phone Number List solving problems. Sometimes, a problem will be placed on your desk for you to solve. The problem itself is quite clear, and the solution to the problem is also clear.

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