Also if the ad does show the text “rental ski jackets” but then you are directed to a landing page about renting boots I think you will leave that page and return quickly. As you can see relevancy and thinking about searcher intent are both very powerful and important factors in improving results. Focus on High-Performing Keywords How do you know if a keyword is high-performing? This of course depends on your goals and which or key performance indicators are important to you.


For her, click-through rate

And conversion rate are two very important metrics Jordan Mobile Number List that determine the success of her campaign. Knowing this I dug into the historical performance of keywords to see which keywords really stood out. The broad match keyword “snow suit rental” has a CTR Quality Score of more conversions. It’s crazy how this keyword alone truly dominates the account. Performance Keywords So what does this tell me? A couple of things – maybe we want to create an entire ad group around the keyword “snowsuit rentals.”

This will allow us to focus

On this all-star keyword and get more conversions Algeria Phone Number List and business from it. In the new ad group, Christie needs some variations of that keyword and creates some ads that are super relevant to that keyword. So the title would be “Rent a Snow Suit Today” or “Online Snow Suit Rental.” Usually once I identify a great keyword I like to use a tiered bidding strategy for that term. Tiered bidding means you bid on the same keyword across all four match types.

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