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I believe you must have heard similar toxic chicken soup: “What’s the point of going to college? You will still be a worker after graduation”, “Look at that so-and-so, he never went to college, but he started his own company and earns tens of thousands of yuan a month.” So are they true? Is academic qualifications really just a blank piece of paper and worthless? Academic qualifications themselves are worthless, but they can bring you a lot of job opportunities and determine the upper limit of your future career development. In a society full of college students, if you don’t have a college degree, it will be very embarrassing.

Education is not everything but without education

If you pay attention, you will find that there are more and more people around us who have attended college. Many people may have such a question, that is, is the university degree still valuable now? After all, college students used to be a scarce species, and many people did not go to college. At that time, it was very easy to find a job with a university degree, but now college students are everywhere, and it seems that the degree is no longer valuable.

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If you hold this view, you will encounter many setbacks in your future life, because education, whether in the past, present, or future, plays a very important role and Czech Republic Phone Number List determines what class most people are in society. If you have a good education, you can find many good jobs. Only if you have the corresponding education can you apply for some jobs. If you don’t even have a college degree, many good jobs will not give you an interview opportunity.

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There are very few people with an education below college working in office buildings.
Although there are many college Algeria Phone Number List students in society today, we must also see that there are still quite a number of people with an education below high school. If you observe in life, you will find that very few people around you with an education below high school have the opportunity to work in office buildings. Most of them work in factories and on assembly lines.

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