Newcomers in the workplace can protect themselves with these 5 tips so they won’t be easily bullied by veterans!

Newcomers to the workplace often don’t dare to express their opinions, and even don’t dare to fight for opportunities in order to avoid offending other colleagues. So today, I will share with you how newcomers should protect themselves in the workplace? How to avoid being bullied by old hands in the workplace?


1 – Do not believe in rumors or spread them

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In the company, there is no shortage of rumors and slander. Sometimes what you hear may not be the truth, but what others want you to hear. So as newcomers, we should not spread these unconfirmed rumors. When you can’t distinguish right from wrong, playing dumb is the best way to deal with it.


2 – Be principled and have a bottom line

In the company, helping colleagues is a very common thing. But it is also a very important principle not to help others randomly and not to always ask others for help. Because the most difficult thing to repay in the workplace is the debt of favor. Sometimes we can ask colleagues how to do something, but we cannot throw the task to capable colleagues just because we have never been exposed to it or tried it. If you do this often, it will be difficult for you to learn new things. Even if you have the ability, you should not help others randomly. In the long run, colleagues will not only not be grateful to you, but will also think that what you do is natural. The balance between giving and receiving is the way to get along in the long run.


3. Don’t form cliques


In the workplace, try to maintain a neutral attitude Finland Phone Number List towards your colleagues. Don’t think that the so-called big tree or group will protect you, and don’t think that you are safe in a small group. But in fact, a sense of security radiates from the inside out. We should not form small groups in the company just because we are familiar with our colleagues and gossip about others.


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4 – Fight for your own interests and honor

Don’t be too polite to others in the workplace. If you can get an opportunity, you should fight for it bravely instead of giving it to others. If you can grasp Bahamas Phone Number List the opportunity now, you should seize it tightly. Don’t be afraid to fight for opportunities just because you are familiar with your colleagues or you are afraid of offending them. You should know that in the workplace, the fittest survive. If you miss many opportunities, it will be difficult to have the next one. Only by seizing every opportunity can you make yourself stronger and stronger in the company.


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