Moving toward the future

Focusing on Ethical AI Usage We’re currently living in the AI learning curve, and the growth pains are sometimes blatant. Just look at the viral deep fakes that have circulated in the past few years, or the claims by small businesses and artists that AI has stolen their designs. , companies should take care to assess their AI usage and ensure they’re using this growing tech in an ethical way. A few things you can do to make your AI usage more ethical:

Educate employees on AI Conduct

frequent reviews of your AI usage and Qatar Mobile Number List programs Ensure your AI usage is compliant with data regulations Partner with ethical AI program providers 6. Increased AI Regulation AI regulation is becoming an increasingly popular topic, with many expecting 2024 to be a big year for regulation laws worldwide. In the United States, 17 states have enacted bills looking to regulate artificial intelligence usage. And on a federal level,

Congress has drawn up several bills,

though none have passed yet. Globally, the European Union is currently working on the AI Act, which aims to provide clear requirements for those using AI in EU Algeria Phone Number List member countries. 7. More Small Language Models We’ve seen the power of large-scale language models that can analyze text, provide translations, and generate images.

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