Move the playhead in the timeline


 Whatever type of gif you want to create in photoshop you will always ne  to have the timeline clearly present in your work area and. When you ne  to save a gif. Go to the file export save for web menu (cmd+option+shift+s / ctrl+alt+shift+s) given the great popularity of gifs. Espero recommends an ad hoc course ; if you are not familiar with this software we recommend this course to get you start . If you have realiz  that your creative ne s are more extensive. Perhaps you might be interest  in this article on motion graphics and discover that after effects is the software for you! The recording of the webinar on 3d modeling and rendering if you miss  our webinar 3d modeling and rendering. 

Sketchup allows us to draw very


 3d graphics give body and soul to your ideas. Here email List are the questions that emerg  during the webinar from our participants. How are the 3d shapes we see creat ? How long does it take to learn how to use this program? (sketchup) it doesn’t take much time to learn sketchup. In fact. Sketchup allows us to draw very easily. In the example you see. A shelf. You just ne  to draw a rectangle and with the “push and pull” tool you can easily create the thickness of this element. Materially. It takes little time to do this scene. Even to learn how to actually use it; it just takes a little training.

Certainly! An autocad dwg format file


 You have to think in terms of 3d. But nothing too complex. It’s almost easier to draw in 3d than to frame USA Phone List a three-dimensional scene; a bit like in the photographic field. Where the composition helps to better convey the message and is the most difficult part of the job. What formats can we import into sketchup? Can i import a dwg? Certainly! An autocad dwg format file can be easily import  and manag  in sketchup; the lines can also be reus  (to avoid tracing rasteriz  images). In fact. If you were to import an image of a flat (rasteriz ) floor plan. You would have to r raw the lines from scratch in sketchup to create a 3d model; importing a floor plan from autocad in dwg format greatly simplifies our workflow.

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