Don’t always say these 5 sentences, your boss will definitely not like to hear them! Saying them too much will only make you look unreliable

The communication styles of colleagues and bosses are completely different. If you still foolishly communicate with your boss in the same way as you would with friends and colleagues, it is very likely to affect your boss’s view of your ability, and thus affect your career development. When talking to your boss , you must avoid the following landmines and instead use packaged speaking skills to make your boss trust you and dare to entrust you with important tasks.


1- Instead of saying “I don’t know”, you should say “I don’t have enough information/ information about this matter yet, I will confirm it first and then report to you”

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When you say “I don’t know”, your boss will think you are passive and lack enthusiasm. You are not responsible enough to just say “I don’t know” and wait for your boss to give instructions. On the contrary, you should show initiative and let your boss know that you will go deeper into the matter before reporting to him, showing a sense of responsibility.

2- Refuse to say “should”, “probably”, “maybe”, “could”

When your boss asks you about the details of a Denmark Phone Number List project, if your answer is uncertain and vague, it will make your boss feel that you are not serious enough, do not understand many things, and lack confidence. Therefore, when talking to your boss, you must give a definite answer, yes means yes, no means no, and attach reasons to consolidate your statement and credibility.

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3- Instead of just saying “got it”, add “I will complete it in xxx”

When your boss assigns you a task, instead of just saying “got it”, you might as well add some details or tell him the estimated completion time, so that Austria Phone Number List your boss knows the entire progress clearly and understands that you are a person with plans and schedules. If you say “got it”, your boss is not sure when you can complete it and will ask you about your progress from time to time. It is better for you to take the initiative to propose the estimated completion time, which will make your boss appear more practical and reliable.

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