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Boring office jobs are not your thing~ Come here!! You can be a consultant even if you have SPM!! Earning RM3000 a month is no problem~ –
post by Leo
by Leo

Have you just graduat from SPM


Feeling confus about the future, but want to find a good job to support yourself? ! !

Then you click in~ Let us at Ricebowl bring you into the world of fashionable hairdressing, so that even if you only have an SPM, you can still shine in this fashionable industry! !



“Yer hairdressing industry? There is Croatia Phone Number List no future~”, if you think like this, I think you are superficial and have no future~ Apply to become a member of the famous hairdressing product chain retailer – Hairdepot , not only can you wear beautiful¬† Then you will be the highest paid SPM graduate.

Hairdepot has branches all over Malaysia, where you can easily find any hair-relat products. Whether it is cleaning, maintenance or styling, Hairdepot can give customers the most professional advice and services.

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If you are also interest in applying

I believe you must be a trendy hairdressing expert. As long as you join the Hairdepot family, you can purchase its products with attractive employee Armenia Phone Number List discounts, and then taking care of your hair will be no problem.

Action is worse than hesitation. Click Apply to start working now.

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