Digitalization innovation and collaboration the orchards that emerge

Digitalization innovation Adobe Document Cloud published this Wednesday a new report on the evolution of work in the annual global study The Future of Time: Redefining Productivity During Uncertainty . Translated in Spanish as The Future of Time: Redefining Productivity During Uncertainty, this study offers a comprehensive view of how uncertainty has impacted the productivity, collaboration, and innovation of work teams. This study is based on a survey of more than 9,700 employees , managers of large companies and SMEs in eight global markets.

Productivity suffers in many companies

But productivity can also be reduced by top industry data the current global economic and social situation. Due to continued uncertainty, 70% of managers and employees say they spend more time at work reporting on or commenting on news published in the media than they did a year ago, and 76% of employees say breaking news time could affect your day for several hours. This uncertainty, according to Adobe, has decreased efficiency and productivity at work, with Generation Z (93%) and millennials (87%) feeling a greater impact compared to older generations , including 79% of Generation X employees and 71% of Boomers and veterans.

Uncertainty drives technology and experimentation

More than a third of managers USA Phone List have invested in new technologies to help employees overcome the uncertainty of the last year. The vast majority (84%) of managers have observed at least one benefit from increased innovation in the company, including the impact on work efficiency (62% in SMEs and 66% in large companies) and in business culture (58% in SMEs and 63% in large companies), with significant improvements in the reconciliation of work and personal life (31% in SMEs and 34% in large companies).

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