Cultural and Historical Places to Visit in Patna

Gaya Mahabodhi Temple, a major pilgrimage route in Bihar The Buddhist circuit is a UNESCO World Heritage Site marking the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. It is a gathering place for pilgrims from all over the world. Gaya Susheng Pagoda, Gaya This stupa is dedicated to the Susheng Pagoda that nourished the Buddha after ascetic meditation. This stupa is a symbol of compassion and has important historical significance. Vishwashanti Stupa, Nalanda Perched atop a hill in Rajgir, this peace pagoda offers panoramic views and provides a tranquil setting for reflection and meditation.


This stupa houses the Buddha’s relics

Making it a sacred place revered by Buddhists Iceland Mobile Number List around the world. The Stupa at Dongchampalan is known as the tallest stupa in the world and is a testament to the architectural and spiritual heritage of ancient India. Jain Circuit, Pavapuri This beautiful temple is built on the cremation ground of Lord Mahavir and is surrounded by a picturesque lake. , this temple in Kundalpur, located near Nalanda, is the birthplace of Lord Mahavir and provides facilities to pilgrims.

Patna is not only the starting point for

These spiritual journeys, it is also a city rich in Albania Phone Number List history and culture. Gandhi Ghat. This ghat is famous for its serene Ganga Aarti and is a favorite among locals and tourists. popular destination. This Gurudwara commemorates the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji and is the spiritual center of eastern India. An architectural marvel built in 1999, it offers panoramic views of Patna. Patna Museum Museum houses several artefacts that give you an insight into the rich history of India.

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