Content Marketing and E-commerce

Is there room for small businesses in e-commerce? Maybe, if they use content marketing the right way…

Content marketing is growing in importance, e-commerce is growing vigorously, both abroad and in Brazil, but competent integration of the two possibilities is still rare.

In e-commerce, a few large players account for the vast majority of sales. This is certainly due to the fact that e-commerce is heavily influenced by the advantages that come directly from the power of size – bigger is better: larger purchases imply lower prices.

Complex logistics structures favor

Larger players with better price and freight cost conditions, as well as Ecuador Mobile Number List  optimized handling and storage conditions. Now, would that be enough?

So, is it worth trying to start from the bottom, having a small online store or trying to confront the big players based on competitive advantages?

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Fortunately, for small e-commerce businesses, it’s worth trying. Do you Afghanistan Phone Number List know how? By differentiating yourself. Specialization has its charm, knowing everything about your area of ​​expertise, being an expert, makes all the difference. You can also give your customers more attention than anyone else, be the king of customer service. Now, in order to compete with a chance of success in an environment truly dominated by giants, you have to understand the journey of today’s consumer. And this understanding, as we will see, necessarily guides youractionsfor a given route.

How to think about the integration of content marketing and e-commerce

I read an excellent American whitepaper from PowerReviews, Mapping the Path to Purchase – How Today’s Consumers Navigate the Shopping Journey . The producer, as a review site (customer reviews or comments), clearly showed in its conclusions the importance of these opinions in e-commerce. We can elaborate a little more on the conclusions, but first, let’s analyze some numbers from the study. Then, we’ll get the most out of these responses.

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