Best Channel for Emergency Notifications

  • BY TEXTMARKS STAFF · JULY 15, 2021Four Reasons SMS is the Best Channel for Emergency Notifications
    There are times when organizations ne to quickly get emergency notifications out to employees, students, or other stakeholders. Often the ne arrives with little to no advance notice, such as when inclement weather strikes. In these situations, SMS is the ideal communication channel.

Reason #1: Almost Everyone has a Mobile Phone

A Pew Research Center study found that 97% of American adults have a mobile phone. And, not only do they have mobile phones, they use them. As we all know, people have their mobile phones with them all of the time. Also, people check their mobile phones frequently as found in a 2019 survey sponsor by the global tech care company Asurion.

Reason #2: Group SMS Text Messaging for Emergency Notifications Doesn’t Require Data or Downloads
All mobile phones come with SMS text messaging by default – it just works. There is no ne for people to have a data plan or to download and install an app. SMS works on the same networks as mobile phone calls do. These factors are especially important for emergency communications because while 97% of American adults have a mobile phone, only 85% have a smartphone. SMS allows you to reach EVERYONE.

Reason #3: Group Text Alerts are Easy to Send and are Read Almost Instantly
Group SMS text alerts can be compos Netherlands Mobile Number List and sent quickly via a desktop dashboard or via your mobile phone. Unlike email messages, there is no risk they will be trapp by a spam filter before reaching their intend target. And, the best part is that text Messages are receiv and read almost instantly, which is especially important in emergency situations, where you not only ne people to read your message – you ne them to read it immiately.

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Reason #4: People Prefer and Appreciate Text Messaging for Emergency Notifications

Not only do people of all ages prefer text messaging to other forms of mobile communication, a 2014 Public Health Report found that SMS text Netherlands Phone Number List messaging can be useful for broadcasting information to public health employees during emergencies. A typical comment receiv from emergency text message alert recipients during a 2012 winter storm: “Since I had no power and was unable to access my e-mail or Internet, I really appreciat the text messages.”

SMS isn’t just a great channel for emergencies, it’s great for internal communications in general. Read “Studies Show Text Messaging is the Best Channel for Corporate Internal Communications” to learn more about how group text messaging can improve communication for your organization too.

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