B2B sales, or Business-to-Business, are commercial transactions conducted between companies. In this type of sale, a company sells products or services directly to another company, instead of selling to end consumers (B2C). B2B sales typically involve more complex negotiations, longer contracts, and larger volumes of products or services. It is common for companies operating in the B2B market to have specific sales strategies.

such as personalized approaches

technical demonstrations, and larger-scale price Malaysia Phone Number Data negotiations. Read also: How to sell complex products and services B2B SALES PROCESS STAGES See below how the B2B sales funnel works and some tips from Job on how to explore it at each stage: 1. Customer Prospecting In the customer prospecting stage of the B2B sales process, companies seek to identify potential customers who may be interested in the products or services offered. This could involve market research, lead generation, and initial outreach to companies that fit the ideal customer profile. For example.


a B2B software company

might prospect customers through marketing campaigns targeting Albania Phone Number List companies in a specific industry. 2. Lead Qualification After prospecting, companies need to qualify leads to determine which ones have the potential to become actual customers. \

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