A simple note taking app. Create a simple



 Read also What are the fields of Computer Science Implement simple projects using JavaScript There are many simple projects you can implement using JavaScript such as notification list POP Up. And other simple projects that you can easily find on YouTube such as this video on the FreeCodeCamp channel which contains simple projects that you can choose any five of to implement or perhaps implement all of them.


 The most important thing is

not to watch project vide Slovenia Mobile Database os until you imitate the same written codes. Rather you first try to implement the idea after you learn about it with the information you have and then compare what you did with the explanation so that you benefit. Learn about advanced topics in JavaScript such as Closures and Async Await Now is the time to delve deeper into the world of JavaScript and learn about its true capabilities.


 You will find these topics covered


extensively and practically in the course I mentioned and you will also find them explained in a good way on the Yo Chile Phone Number List uTube channels I mentioned. The most important thing in this step is that you focus intensely and try to absorb all the information well because these topics are what will make you a real web developer. Implement one advanced project in JavaScript that uses everything you learned previously We have reached the final practical step in this complete guide to learning the basic web development languages ​​HTML CSS Javascript which is building a large practical application.

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