3 unusual storytelling templates to create stories that connect and sell

Today you will have access to 3 very simple but powerful storytelling templates to create engaging and efficient stories that will change the way you write stories forever.

Stories are infallible, whether to sell products, teach or create a deeper connection with your audience.

And, despite being the best marketing tool I know, it is not always easy to transform your life experience into a story that is not only interesting, but efficient in achieving one of the objectives I mentioned above.

Let’s take a look at the 3 storytelling templates I selected for you?

Storytelling Template #1: IOR Method
I learned about this first Storytelling model through  Lebanon Phone Number Data the Masterclass by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, from the film “The Social Network”, about the creation of Facebook.

It consists of 3 stages:

1. Clear Intention
The main character needs to have a very clear intention to motivate his actions. And this intention can be both micro and macro, as in this example:

Micro Intention: travel 3 hours by car from home to the beach house in Búzios-RJ.
Macro Intention: first trip without parents and alone with girlfriend.
2. Formidable Obstacle
Halfway through the journey, at 8:00 pm, the car gets a flat tire.

The car has no spare tire and you are on the shoulder of a deserted highway, far from the city, with no road lighting.

The more obstacles you need to overcome to achieve your result, the more you can capture the attention of those who read or watch your story.

3. Surprising Result

You run 3 km in the dark to the nearest gas station and ask for help.

They call a tow truck, take your car to a tire shop, and you change the tire so you can arrive safely before midnight.

As you can see, there is nothing extraordinary Albania Phone Number Listabout this story. It could have happened to you or me, right?

But the storytelling template used to tell these facts is what makes the big difference, transforming something commonplace into an interesting story.

Let’s look at another example:


I decided to do something crazy. Today I’m going to write 10 thousand words in a single day.


However, as soon as I started something unexpected happened… there was construction work next door.

And I still didn’t have a single earphone to drown out all that noise.

To make matters worse, the internet went down, leaving me completely without references.



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